Conscientious Thoughts

Snapped and Cracked

Monster – should I be scared of them? Should I have courage and face the monsters that I fear? Are they truly monsters or are they actually demons that wear masks of a horrific thing. A make-believe thing. Demons nonetheless. Monsters under the sins and dirt. Under the bed, hanging from the ceiling, hugging the corners of my living room wall. Surrounding me with a deep darkness, but with a false light illuminating me through stone corridors. Through hazy halls reeking of burnt rotten flesh and bone marrow. Screeching in the distance on a moonless night or a shadowed up world with a dead sun falling from the sky. Glance after glance, the sharp teeth spread wide. A vicious smile. An evil smile. Letting me know that I am not alone. That I have a friend clinging onto my shoulder the entire time. Not leaving me. Not looking away. Not dropping that smile. Shoulders aching, but with the nails digging into my skin I continue to walk. Vanished were the stone walls, now in an open world where the night engulfs me into a deep chasm. One step and another step. Every light post I pass the brightness dies down. Fear of the rupture that the twilight brings. 

Monstrous. It passes through me with a delight that has never been felt. With many to thank, but never to say. Evil, darkness, I can’t say whom from. I can’t say for how long. Pulled out, cocked, pointed, and shot. Please no. No, no, no. But then a whisper; yes, yes, yes. Laughter. Deranged laughter. No more care. One final farewell. Turned up and bang. Smoke and blood. Dropped and nothing. This, that, and love forever. Monstrous indeed. Demons forever. 


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Welcome back! Slightly off the regular post. Thought this was a little interesting to write nonetheless, so I hope you all enjoy the piece. Of course, we’ll be seeing some new poetry soon. Maybe in the next few hours or tomorrow. Also when I say new, I actually mean new. Well, old too, but I’ll be adding a new type of poetry called ‘Found Poetry.’ Something I recently just did in one of my classes. I’m sure everyone will find them interesting as well. 


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Observant Eyes

As you read this, are you observing my words, my tone, or my language? Many people only decide to observe when asked to, and that’s when reality strikes them. Giving them a viewpoint they’ve never even thought about before. It’s hard to believe that there are people out there that are generally observant their entire life, but saturating that thought more and more, it makes sense to be observant in a world filled with lies. Yes, you have to maneuver around opinions and facts all the time, but would you rather be living with lies or with the truth? 

There’s a saying, “The truth hurts.” which is probably the realest quote ever spoken by someone. Three words that describes a beautiful, yet dangerous word. I say, that if you want to live happily, then go on the path of lies, because it’ll give you whatever you want. They’re not real. Fantasies being told in a vivid and real world. If you think you can take the pain and sadness, then the truth will be open to you. Open your eyes and let reality take over. People who still live under lies are asleep. They have their eyes closed, while people who see the truth have their eyes open. Those people are awake. They’re feeling the reality that has to be felt by all, but isn’t being felt by all. 

Be the observant one. Drown out the lies that are being spilled all over and open your eyes as you take in the world as it truly is. 

Your Style; Your Font

Response – Handwriting

Each person has their own style of handwriting. Their own font, to simply say. Could be messy and big or small and neat, but every time you start writing, you’re writing in a form that only you can perform. Many people might disagree with me, but it is true, your style, your wrist movement, it’s all yours and no one else’s.

Studying handwriting is magnificent because you can see how people move a pen or pencil to create letters that human beings have invented. You might have forgotten it by now, but you learned how to write at a young age. It’s one of the fundamentals of education. Without writing, you wouldn’t be able to survive elementary, middle, or high school because all three systems are so dependent on students knowing how to read and write.

Handwriting is amazing. That is all to say about it.

How is your handwriting? Is it neat or messy? Feel free to leave an answer in the comment section.

The Color of this World

Prompt response – Colorful

A colorful personality that engages in a colorful way of conversing with others. Different flowers, that have colorful petals. The enormous blue sky that can be filled with white and fluffy or dark and gloomy clouds. Rain forests that stretch on for miles that have one main beautiful color; green; and different diverse plants with colorful ways of living. 

Without the color in our lives, we would be devastated. With the only form of color that keeps us company being the shades of black and white. Color gives life to everything, so let us stay a colorful world and not destroy it with the fossil fuels that pollute it.

Color is everything

It wants us to sing

Color is life

It wants us to thrive


This wonderful gift, gives us the sight

Of the beauty that we have during the day and night

Different mixtures are made with these beautiful colors

So let us love each other under the world that is embedded with colorful covers


The Power of the Human Voice

Voice – The Daily Post’s prompt:

So, your voice is powerful. It has the power to persuade, intimidate, and show many different emotions. I’m almost 100% sure that if you ask someone “Do you think your voice is powerful?” they will simply reply with a rejection, but with no explanation as to why they think their voice isn’t powerful. Humans have grown to be dependent on words and their voice to express any emotion they are feeling, while undermining their own body language. I am not saying that body language isn’t important, it’s actually the opposite of that, but I am simply saying that your voice can achieve way more than just the movement of your body. The voice has evolved many times throughout history, maybe even more than humans themselves. This just shows how complex and unique a voice can be. You could actually say that with the voice given to humans, that is how we control the world, because we are the speakers of this world, making any other animal inferior to us.

Do you think the human species should have a voice? This is a question brought out to anyone who has the desire to reply to it, but for my answer I believe they shouldn’t, just because of the way we use it. We haven’t used this privilege in a good way possible. We’ve only used it to create conflict and lies in this world. Creating oppressive societies where people follow norms that are not natural to the human mind, but seem to be natural. This is a perfect example of the power of someone’s voice. We took the thoughts spoken from one, or at least a small group of men’s voices and created a society which only revolves around their views and world values. This undermines the other views and world values that the rest of the world has. With generations after generations having followed these viewpoints, they created the social “norms” to actually make people believe that these were the natural ways of humans. Which is absolutely false because no human can actually decipher the mind that is stored in our brains. 

The power of your voice can be the change in someone’s life, so I advise you to use your words and voice wisely while conversing with others.