8 Things To Remember That Will Make a Poem Great

Writing poetry is a unique way of expressing many different and mixed feelings in just a couple of lines. A lot of people find it difficult to write a poem because of all the detail that goes in it, but if you think enough about the elements that construct it, then it could be a lot easier. Here are 8 things that could possibly help you write a great poem, that everyone would enjoy.

[*NOTE*: These are not facts, they are opinion based points, so do not think following these steps will guarantee you being on an Edgar Allan Poe level of poetry.]

8 Things To Remember That Will Make a Poem Great

  1. One word prompts or phrases. This narrows down the infinite amount of choices you have on what to write the poem about, which is what you want. 

  2. Prompts that instantly click with you. Seeing a prompt and you’re already forming stanzas in your head, are the ones best fit.

  3. Difficult prompts that need more work. Although finding prompts that click with you right away are wonderful, the ones that you find more difficult to use are usually also the ones that cause you to write better.

  4. Everyone has their own perception and feeling when reading. People picture the scenery and feel the emotions of the poem differently than you do, so take note of that when writing and responding to feedback. 

  5. Use the 5 senses and emotions of the poem wisely. While writing, it’s best to use the senses and carve the setting like that. Remember to stay in character and never change the emotion of the poem drastically or randomly. 

  6. Rhyme schemes catch the eye and make the reader enjoy the poem a little more. Not saying that free verse poems aren’t good, but I am saying that having a rhyme scheme could catch a bigger audience. 

  7. Length of the poem doesn’t matter. If you have 5-8 stanzas or even 1-3 stanzas, poetry is about the message and emotion, not about the length of the poem. 

  8. Always enjoy writing poetry. Never make it a burden to write poems because this will take the fun out of the process. Remember to love your work and not look at it shamefully.

If you agree or disagree with any of the points I made, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Leave me be, Black Cat

Do you believe in superstitions? Or do you think they’re fake? If you do or don’t, let us still dive into the vast world of sorcery and delusion.

So, there are many superstitions in the world, and many people that actually believe in these superstitions. If you do not believe in them, it doesn’t matter because they’re still out there and won’t be going anywhere any time soon. To make things clear and explain these beliefs, here’s a list of the most popular superstitions and some that you probably didn’t even know about.

  1. Friday the 13th: This day is supposedly cursed and is a source of ill fortune. Many people don’t plan big or important things on this day due to the fear that they have of the day. That’s why I lay in bed the entire day, when it comes around. Oh wait, I stay in bed almost every day. 
  2. Black cats: It’s said that if a black cat crosses your path when walking, that means you’re cursed. This superstition started during the middle ages, where people said that if elderly women had cats or were around cats, that meant they were witches and could shape shift into the animal too. So, if a black cat ever crosses your path, watch out, it might be a witch. 
  3. Counting crows: This one says that the amount of crows in a murder predicts the fortune you have. For example- One’s for bad luck, two’s for good luck, three’s for health, four’s for wealth, five’s for sickness, and six’s for death. After six, the fortune is up to the counter, so make it a good one, counter!
  4. Soul capturing mirrors: According to this superstition we’re all soulless because we looked into a mirror. This belief says that mirrors take souls when people look into a them. That is why vampires don’t have reflection, right?
  5. Fingers crossed: We all know this one, so I don’t have to explain it, but wait! There’s more to the story! Apparently back when Christianity was just starting up, people who believed in the religion would use this hand gesture to identify each other. I guess this was to protect themselves from being caught and persecuted by the Romans. 
  6. Number 13: This ties in together with Friday the 13th, and how it’s unlucky. This number is feared a lot and I mean a lot. Some architects won’t build a building that has 13 floors, or stairs that ends with a 13th step because of the fear they have for the number 13. I would do the same, better safe than sorry, right? It’s funny how there’s a phobia for the number too. It’s called Triskaidekaphobia. Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. Too long, right?
  7. Opening umbrellas indoors: If you do this, bad luck will, “rain on you.” That’s what you’re basically asking for. So, I have two theories. One is that opening an umbrella inside is insulting the sun God, who would then curse you. This is because umbrellas were created to protect you from the sun rays beaming on you. The other theory was that umbrellas were made to protect you from the storms of life and opening an umbrella inside insulted the guardians that protected your house from the same threat, so they would leave you unprotected. Basically, don’t open your umbrellas indoors because we don’t like upsetting gods and spirits, do we now?
  8. Breaking a mirror: Ties with the soul trapping mirrors. To make it quick and easy. Break a mirror and seven years of being cursed will be laid upon you. Of course, you wouldn’t want that. Basically if you break a mirror, then you anger the trapped souls and you’ll allow them to escape. Angry souls are bad souls. So, next time you’re deciding between punching a mirror or punching a wall, I advise you to punch the wall because it’ll teach you a lesson not to punch something that could hurt your hand and well, also not give seven years of being cursed

All these superstitions are crazy, aren’t they? Well if you believe them or not, I would still follow them because, well it’s, to be honest, a little fun following them and also I’d like to be sure that I’m not receiving any bad luck now. 

Superstition – Response to prompt.